Biblical Christian Church Leadership – 2 Superb PDFs

13 04 2010

Biblical Leadership 101 is a no-holds-barred 7 page Bible study guide on the Biblical applications of Bible leadership.

Debunking corporate (man-made) leadership as compared to Biblical leadership, Brent Barnett exposes the fallacies of supposed church leadership; he cuts right to the chase with what real spiritual leadership is comprised of.

An excellent read, particularly for Believers who have been called (or feel that they’re being called) into a position of spiritual/ministry leadership.

Though the second PDF,  Biblical Foundations of Leadership, was written from the standpoint of Afro-American church leadership… the vast majority of this PDF equally applies to ALL ministerial leadership.

It is nonetheless a very good read, citing numerous examples of actual leadership found within the Holy Scriptures (especially if in conjunction with Biblical Leadership 101 as an overall Bible study in Biblical/Ministry/Church Leadership).


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